Picking the Right Recruiter for Your Job Hunt

Picking the right recruiters is half job done for overcoming your recruitment woes. They are the market specialists, who are aware of the insights about the candidates as well as the job description. They know about the available talent and the right place to find it, career expectations, salary rates, hiring complexities, and needed skills. Hiring the right recruiters extends your reach.  If you want to build a team of talented and committed people, you need recruiters who have the experience and the skill to sift the right from the wrong.

So how do you know you are working with the right agency? Find out!

The Sales-Ability

Can you really spot a difference between sales and recruitment? It’s the same thing – in case you haven’t already figured that out. Not only recruiters are selling their clients (both external and internal), they are also selling candidates on every given opportunity. They can articulate why a certain opportunity is not only great but a life changer for an employee.

How do you know if the recruiter you are selecting has this sales-ability? Simply ask them to profile your your business (its culture and core values, products, scope, etc.). It will give you an idea of what they will be selling to the candidates

They Build and Value Relationships

Any recruiter can pick a name from a database and dial a call. However, building a relationship and valuing it is a different level altogether. If the recruiter is doing so with the candidates, it is definitely a great deal you are looking at. Having a connection helps recruiters know a little more about the candidate, which helps them tick at the right time.

By creating a communicative, friendly, and open connection with candidates, the recruiter can improve the overall experience.

Ask them about their recruitment process and best practices. Top recruiters focus more on one-on-one assessment with the candidates. This also allows them to find the right cultural fit for your organization.

Taking the Big Picture into Consideration

The ability to focus on the bigger picture is a great trait that makes a recruiter worthwhile. While it is great to focus on single searches on a daily basis, but being able to focus on how a certain candidate will adjust into an organization is highly valuable. Recruiters who can see the potential value of a candidate and how beneficial it is going to be for the organization in the long run is definitely a trait to be appreciated.

The best way to find this out is to ask the recruiters to ask them their targeted retention time for the candidates they hire. If their game-plan is focused on hunting the talent that can evolve with your changing needs, you have found the right recruiter.

So the next time you sit in to fill the data and numbers that are important for you, don’t miss out on these important analytic qualities. It’s high time to change your focus and recalibrate the current recruiters you are working with to ensure you have the right team serving you.



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